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Katie Bio Page

Katie Lofts

Hey guys,

I’m Brian’s little sister, Katie.  Brian and I have had a super close bond since we were little. We are 3 years apart (with a sister in between) and I always idolized him and he took good care of me. I could always count on him to stick up for me when things were unfair. So when it came time to find a husband I knew that who ever I chose had to be "Brian Approved" and someone that would be like a true brother. 

My husband, Bryce (he’s usually behind the camera) and Brian have always seemed to do crazy things together. Whether it’s cutting off Brian’s cast (who needs a doctor?), creating beautiful salt water aquariums, breeding Boerboels, or competing in Crossfit Competitions--these two manage to have a good time and throw me under the bus too. I've got the feeling a  bow is in my near future. (Maybe a Carbon Rose?)

Which is how I became a part of the Gritty Bowmen Crew. Bryce knew this couldn’t be a one man job and Brian couldn’t do it alone. He also knew I had been telling Brian for YEARS that he should do this! Brian is a natural born storyteller. He has a gift. However, it wasn’t until he went to the Full Draw Film School last year that he found his niche. Film is his medium of choice and he can create  a compelling story and visually stunning and entertaining film all rolled into one. 

Bryce and I felt that this gift shouldn’t go to waste. So Bryce called Brian up and said, “We will help.” I had no idea until Brian showed up at my doorstep.  Which, is classic Bryce and Brian.  We are thrilled to be a part of the Gritty Crew.  

As a mother of 5 it can be a little tricky to schedule in posting podcasts, editing and critiquing films, responding to emails, facebook, instagram, finding gritty gear and of course taking care of a baby. Thank goodness Brian doesn’t care if I do those things at 3am or not.  I’m so glad Bryce and I are a part of Brian’s dream. As you can tell I am Brian’s #1 fan right next to our Mom and Suzanne. ;)